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Lenovo Flex System Enterprise Chassis price in Chennai, tamilnadu, Hyderabad, kerala, bangalore

Lenovo Flex System Enterprise Chassis

Highly Reliable. Customizable. Efficient
  • Scales to meet business needs
  • works with multiple generations of technology
  • offers high availability
  • securely protects vital information
  • and maximizes uptime.
  • Efficient: 14 standard compute node bays in a 10U chassis
  • Customizable: compute or management nodes
  • with up to 4 networking modules in rear
  • High Reliability: N+N or N+1 redundant power
  • a 3-phase power domain
  • & a passive mid-plane
Features Highlights
  • Outstanding flexibility and efficiency with choice of compute and networking
  • No compromise design that can easily scale capabilities with business needs
  • Designed for multiple generations of technology
  • Integrated and easy to use management with advanced functions
  • Scalable pay-as-you-grow flexible I/O offerings
  • Highly resilient: no single point of failure to maintain high availability
  • Designed to deliver a highly secure environment
  • protecting vital information and maximizing uptime
  • World-class service with three-year on-site support
Flexibility Efficiency
  • To meet today’s complex and ever-changing business demands
  • the Lenovo Flex System Enterprise Chassis provides a high-performance
  • integrated infrastructure platform that supports a mix of compute and networking capabilities. The Flex System Enterprise Chassis has been designed and built specifically to provide the efficiency you need now
  • along with the growth path necessary to protect your investment into the future.
  • The Flex System Enterprise Chassis is the foundation of the Flex System offering
  • which features 14 standard (half-width) Flex System form factor compute node bays in a 10U chassis that delivers high-performance connectivity for your integrated compute
  • networking and management resources.
Lenovo ThinkSystem SR850 price in Chennai, tamilnadu, Hyderabad, kerala, bangalore

Lenovo ThinkSystem SR850

Intelligently designed for value
  • Easily scale from two to four processors
  • Large memory capacity
  • Flexible storage configurations
  • Advanced RAS features
  • XClarity Management

Features Highlights
  • The perfect balance of expandability and economics. Intelligently designed for value. 
  • Designed for reliability and uptime. The confidence to run anything. 
  • Engineered with the future in mind. Ready for tomorrow’s technologies.

Growth is inevitable
  • The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR850 is built to deliver the performance and reliability you require today
  • with the scalability and versatility you’ll need as you advance toward the “future-defined” data center.
  • The flexible 2U SR850 can scale from two to four powerful Intel Xeon processor Scalable family CPUs
  • with up to 233 percent more cores and 400 percent more memory than the previous-generation server*
  • achieving up to 76 percent faster performance. Built for standard workloads like general business applications and server consolidation
  • it can also accommodate high-growth areas such as databases and virtualization. The agile design of ThinkSystem SR850 provides rapid upgrades for processors and memory
  • and its large
  • flexible storage capacity helps you keep pace with data growth.