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A New Era in Power Connection Reliability Price in Chennai, Hyderabad, kerala, bangalore

A New Era in Power Connection Reliability

  • A -19inch horizondal -p1-1060-H0-OCTOGONAL socket 6x5/15amp with 16amp MCB
  • B  -19inch horizondal -p1-2100-H0-IEC C13,10X10 AMP WITH 16Amp MCB
  • C  -19inch horizondal -p1-3062-H0-IEC C19,6X16 AMP WITH 20Amp MCB
  • D -19inch horizondal -p1-5060-H0-Wall mount,6x5 amp with 5 amp fuse
  • E  -Vertical-p1-1060-XY-OCTOGONAL socket 8x5/15amp with 16amp MCB
  • F  -Vertical-p1-1121-XY-OCTOGONAL socket 12x5/15amp with 32amp MCB
  • G -Vertical-p1-5140-00-PDU vertical,14x5amp,with16 amp MCB
  • H -Vertical-p1-C161-XY-IEC C13 12X10 AMP C19 4X16 AMP with 32 amp MCB
  • I  -Vertical-p1-2161-XY-IEC C13 16X10 AMP WITH 32Amp WITH MCB
  • J -Vertical-p1-2120-XY-IEC C13 12X10 AMP WITH 16Amp MCB